Today 25.05.2019

Temp max. 21°C
Temp min. 9°C
Sunshine max. 3 h
0° Level 2900 m

Sunday 26.05.2019

Temp max. 21°C
Temp min. 9°C
Sunshine max. 4 h
0° Level 2900 m

Monday 27.05.2019

Temp max. 20°C
Temp min. 10°C
Sunshine max. 3 h
0° Level 3100 m

Tuesday 28.05.2019

Temp max. 15°C
Temp min. 11°C
Sunshine max. 0 h
0° Level 2600 m

Wednesday 29.05.2019

Temp max. 12°C
Temp min. 7°C
Sunshine max. 1 h
0° Level 2100 m

Lifts in Operation

Hochoetz 0 of/ 12

4-day Forecast

The low-pressure influence will slowly increase again in our region throughout the upcoming days. A rather friendly mix of sunshine and clouds is expected on Sunday, whereby rain showers may fall from the afternoon on, although rain is only occasionally expected. Mostly dry conditions are expected until the evening. On Monday the clouds will generally increase as the day goes by and rain showers are increasingly expected. Subsequently, a cold front will reach us on Tuesday. It will bring further rain and result in a significant temperature decrease. Hence, snowfall may reach regions below 2000m in the mountains especially towards Wednesday.