Ötztal Outdoor Parcourse

The Ötztal Outdoor Course is located in Sautens, right at the heart of Tirol at the entrance to the Ötztal. The Course offers a perfect blend of nature exploration and high rope garden amidst the mighty Ötztal Alps.

Over a 50m long slackline over the Ötztaler Ache or through various rope slides, the forest and the Outdoor Parcours are connected. The main elements of the Outdoor Parcours are on the side of the village Sautens, but the outdoor parcours with more than 60 exercises can be found on the other side of the river in the village Oetz.

There is also a Flying Fox. Slackline workshops are also regularly offered.

Opening Times & Prices:

30.04. - 14.10.2018
daily from 10.00 am
For groups with more than eight persons, we have also open in winter - ONLY ON REQUEST!

Children, 10-13 years € 18.00
Youth/Teenager, 14-17 years € 25.00
Adults, from 18 years € 38.00

More information: www.outdoor-parcours.com